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Enjoy the benefits of full inhouse print services that will save you time and money.


With our complete printing services inhouse, we can offer the latest in high quality professional printing, whether you need a short print run turned around quickly, or a large scale print run complete with a range of finishings from die cuts to binding and laminating. We can help with virtually any print task, from large format digital and offset printing to highly detailed foils and embossing.


Because our services are all inhouse at our Whangarei printing house, we save you both time and money, with no middle men, no jobs being sent to other companies for printing or finishing and no delays waiting for your documents to be couriered back from down the country. 


Enjoy the benefits of our high quality innovative digital presses.


Digital printing is perfect for short run publications, such as business cards and brochures, where you are likely to want to print smaller runs, more often. As well as being quick and cost effective (with minimal waste), our digital printing offers high quality professional printing that matches offset quality, with greater flexibility in the printed size of your publication (up to an expanded 660mm x 330mm sheet size).

These presses work with variable data for personalisation and you can even print white ink. This means you can change out data and images to make every output one-of-a-kind. Both of our inhouse digital presses print on a wide range of media, including coated, uncoated, dark, transparent and recycled stocks.

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Our lastest acquisition is the Fuji Film Revoria Press PC1120, which boasts a six-colour print engine bringing unrivaled expressive power to digital printing. 

In addition to CMYK toner, we can load a maximum of two specialty toner stations for: Clear, Gold, Silver, White and Pink spot printing. By overlaying CMYK on Silver or Gold, we can print various brilliant metallic colours. 

The rich colour expressions created by the six-colour print engine delivers the widest pallete of colour available in digital printing.

Our 50 page Digital Colour Swatch Book demonstrates the superb capabilities of the Press and is available upon request, email


Experience the high class performance of our Heidelberg Presses


Heidelberg presses from Germany are considered to be the most automated, top-of the range machines on the market today. The perfect solution for printing large volumes of booklets, magazines, books, brochures, posters, business forms, business cards, business stationery, folders and more.

Our offset printer means shorter lead times and faster turnarounds, so your files are ready to collect sooner. 

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