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Calders offers a full suite of finishing services for that extra wow factor.


The Calders team specialise in a wide range of finishing services for that extra detail and special ​touch that will ensure your printed materials are unique and memorable.

In addition to a wide selection folding and stapling options, Calders offer an extensive range of finishing solutions including guillotining, collating, creasing, die cutting, embossing, drilling, plastic binding, wiro (wire) binding, saddle and perfect for book binding, laminating and trimming. Because we offer all these services inhouse, we can ensure your printing job is processed as quickly as possible, while ensuring the highest quality product, from start to finish.

Embossing (otherwise known as Debossing)

Embossing creates an indented look which is best used on card, or you can give your print a lift by Blind Embossing which creates a 3D raised effect on paper or board. 


Foil is available in range of colours, including standard golds and silvers, and comes in matt, pearlescent and glossy finishes.  Foil blocking gives a unique finish and can be applied to a large range of printed products such as business cards, wedding invites, certificates, folders, brochures… the list goes on!

Binding and stitching

A wide range of book sizes can be finished by saddle stitching (stapled), perfect binding (hot melt glue) or wire-binding (wire comb). Our high tech system can handle large volumes (up to 1000 books/hr) in a large range of book sizes and thickness including A4 landscape. Of course if you only want a few we can do that too.

Die cutting

There is no end to the creativity that can be achieved with die-cutting.  If you have a particular shape you would like cut, you can choose from one of our existing formes, or have one made to order.

Folding and creasing

Creasing prior to folding helps to avoid the print from cracking, resulting in a far superior finish. We also take care of your folding needs from standard folds to specialty folds.

Guillotining and trimming

Need something trimmed?  We can guillotine paper or card sheets as large as 900 x 1500mm down to any finished size. 

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